Diplomatic Sales Program
The way you need it

For private use

… if you came to Belarus for the first time,
… if you have a car and want replace it with a new one,
… if you got a promotion and need a new car suitable for your new position,
… if you have a big family and look for some spacious state wagon,
… if you are looking for a second car for your family,
… if you are going to take next placing or preparing for home destination,
… than our Diplomatic Sales Program is right for you.

For private needs of eligible customers we offer full Audi model range in any required configuration, suitable for use either in Belarus or in the next country of residence.

For official needs

We are proud to serve our customers among diplomatic community in Republic of Belarus such as Embassies of Germany, Turkey, Hungary, China, Japan, Armenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order, Slovakia; as well as UN Office, UNDP, Economic Court of the CIS, Delegation of EU Сomission and many others.

Benefit from Audi worldwide reputation as one of the leading premium car makers. Let us take care of your official automotive needs. We will help you with purchase and replacement of vehicles for your fleet and provide regular maintenance.